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WWE All Stars Now Available At Amazon

by Isaiah on March 29, 2011

WWE All Stars

THQ’s latest professional wrestling video game ‘WWE All Stars‘ has finally hit Amazon. The game is available for purchase starting today for $57.99 (PS3 & Xbox 360), $47.99 (Nintendo Wii), $38.99 (PS2) and $29.82 (PSP), respectively. Grab yours now! [Product Page]

Disney Epic Mickey Opening Cinematic

by Johan on November 25, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey is an upcoming Mickey Mouse video game that was officially announced on October 28, 2009 in London. The game will be released on November 25, 2010 in Europe and on November 30 in North America. We have an opening cinematic video of this game. Watch the video after the jump. Read more

THQ uDraw GameTablet Shipped

by Johan on November 16, 2010

Still remember the THQ uDraw GameTablet that we posted in August 2010? THQ has finally announced the availability of this gaming accessory. The THQ uDraw GameTablet is a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary game system that provides a unique and fun way for kids and families to play with the Nintendo Wii. The gadget allow gamers to express themselves and bring their imaginations to life. The uDraw GameTablet will come bundled with the uDraw Studio software. Other games available at launch include Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure, with more titles debuting in 2011. The uDraw GameTablet is priced at $69.99 and the two available games sell for $29.99 each. [Product Page]

Sunflex USA LLC is now shipping the Snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ controller for Nintendo Wii. With integrated MotionPlus functionality, the Remote XL+ is the first and currently the only third-party all-in-one solution for Wii players who demand optimum performance from a controller. The Snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ controller features strong vibration effects for more life-like gaming, an integrated speaker for realistic positional audio effects and a built-in memory to save settings and avatars. Additionally, players can use up to 4 units simultaneously for maximum multi-player fun. The device is powered by rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that can be charged via USB directly in the remote with the included USB cable. Available in black or white, the Snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ controller retails for $34.99 a pop. [Sunflex]

Rune Factory Oceans Gets First Screenshots

by Isaiah on October 18, 2010

Here are the first screenshots from Neverland Co.’s upcoming role-playing video game ‘Rune Factory Oceans’. The game itself is scheduled to be released in February 24, 2011 for both PS3 and Wii platforms. See more pictures after the break. Read more

UK gaming peripherals manufacturer Shinobii has rolled out the new TT Champion Bat, a stand-alone Wiimote with a built-in hardware in the shape of an actual ping pong racket. This gaming controller is compatible with all Motion Plus games for the Nintendo Wii. The Table Tennis Bat will be available in Europe and North America very soon for $70 a pop. [Akihabara]

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