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Nintendo DS Lite Camera

by FreshEffect on July 12, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite Camera

Instructions on how to install the Nintendo DS Lite Camera have been announced and a video is provided.

…apparently he’s taken a Treva CMOS chipset, done a bit of rewiring, and written software that allows the unit to output images directly to his DS Lite

Via Endgadget.

First Ever Sony PSP Modchip

by FreshEffect on May 27, 2006

First Ever PSP Modchip

The “Undiluted Platinum” acts as a flash replacement system for the Sony PSP that enables Sony PSP users to use previous updates or install their own updates. More info to come. Via Max Console.

Custom Xbox 360 Faceplates by Pelican

by FreshEffect on April 24, 2006

Custom Xbox 360 Faceplates by Pelican

Pelican is making your Xbox 360 even more personal. To integrate your personality even more in to the Xbox 360, a custom faceplate service has been made by Pelican. You can use Pelican’s design tools to make your own designs or upload personal photos. Faceplates can be bought here. Via Uncrate.

Nintendo DS with a New Retro Look

by FreshEffect on March 18, 2006


Everyone is loving this new mod from Kotami of NEStation. It’s new-school meets old-school design. Nintendo might be eager to use this design on upcoming Nintendo DS systems.

Via TechEBlog

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