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The Sony PlayStation 2 Toaster

by Johan on January 5, 2007

The Sony PlayStation 2 Toaster

This functional Sony PlayStation 2 toaster is created by Ryou-chan. It is great for playing games and preparing the breakfast. Check more images after the break!

Via Destructoid

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“Klippoth” via YouTube provides us a video of Fedora Core 5 running on the Sony PlayStation 3. Hit the play button to start the video.

Video courtesy of YouTube.

Nintendo Wii Controlled Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

by Johan on December 28, 2006

Programmer Chris Hughes has found a new way to use his Nintendo Wii controller. He managed to code a program which allows him to control his Roomba vacuum cleaner using his Wiimote. Chris is also kind enough to provide his script on the net. Push that play button to watch the video!

Video courtesy of YouTube. News via DigitalBattle.

Playing Nintendo Wii In a Movie Theater

by Johan on December 26, 2006

Some guys managed to get a Nintendo Wii running in a movie theater by using a 370 inch screen and custom made sensor bar. What do you think? Let’s watch the video!

Video courtesy of YouTube.

Wiimote Controls Entire House

by Johan on December 24, 2006

Wiimote Controls Entire House

Here is another Wiimote hack. LiquidIce managed to create a custom script/interface which allows him to use a Wiimote to control his entire “Smarthome”. Hit jump to watch the video!

Video courtesy of JoyStiq.

Nintendo Wiimote Controlled RC Car

by Johan on December 21, 2006

Wiimote Controlled RC Car

It seems that we can easily hack the Wiimote. Some clever dudes from German have found a way to control a RC car with the Wiimote. Let’s watch the video from Google Video to see what its like!

Video courtesy of Google Video.

Via DigitalBattle.

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