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Head-to-Head of GTX 260 VS Radeon 4870

by Martin Lee on November 23, 2008

head-to-head of GTX 260 VS Radeon 4870

Everybody knows that the battle between Geforce and Radeon is always interesting and nVidia is getting better now. It seems that nVidia is taking the lead again. Both of the selected GPU’s are at the same price point roughly $300 but GTX 260’s performances is 10-15% better than the ATI Radeon 4870. [DriverHeaven and Bjorn3D]

reNESED: The NES Redesigned

by Gizmo Girl on May 8, 2008

reNESED: The NES Redesigned

Graphic artist Javier Segovia gave the NES a modern makeover with the creation of the reNESED. It’s pretty much the same thing except that it now features wireless controllers to keep it clean. [Kotaku]

New Wii Modchip

by Johan on September 29, 2007

New Wii Modchip

Priced at around $50, the new Nintendo Wii mod chip sports the following features:

  • Actel IC
  • Direct boot Wii & GC games
  • Multi Disk support
  • GC Audio Streaming Fix
  • Partial Region Patch for GC and Wii games.

This mod chip is said to require 30 wires for installation.


NEStari – The Portable Combo Atari and NES

by Johan on August 24, 2007

NEStari - The Portable Combo Atari and NES

Created by Benjamin Heckendorn, the NEStari has build for himself a portable NES and Atari 2600 gamer combo. The gadget provides endless gaming fun on the go. The screen is a 3.5-inch LCD and he uses a rechargeable battery like all them portable these days. More pics after the break.

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XBox 360 Elite – Milk Magazine Edition

by Johan on August 7, 2007

XBox 360 Elite - Milk Magazine Edition

Microsoft and Milk Magazine have created the XBox 360 Elite “Milk” Edition to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Milk Magazine. Two of these Xbox’s will be auctioned off for charity with proceeds going to the WWF. This special edition black XBox 360 Elite offers a 120 GB hard drive and features the 6th Anniversary sticker and some very subtle Milk Magazine branding. Check out one more detailed pic after the jump.

Link via The Gadget Blog

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Web Browser Based On Quake Game Announced

by Johan on August 5, 2007

Web Browser Based On Quake Game Announced

id Software has announced Quake Zero at QuakeCon 2007. It is a free browser based on Quake 3 Arena, one of the most popular multiplayer shooters. The developers will ensure the game runs in a web browser on both PC and Mac. More updates will be released soon.


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