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Stop playing games! Start making them!

by Jeremiah on January 10, 2015

Making Video Games

We’ve all sworn we’d sit down and play Grand Theft Auto for half an hour, only to be sucked into a time vortex. Half an hour becomes an hour, which soon becomes a day. That’s the true test of a great game – when you’re wondering how long you can hold off the urge to use the bathroom.

Just. One. More. Go. It’s the eternal phrase of the avid gamer, and it’s what every games designer wants to hear. Read more


3D Printing has completely turned the manufacturing industry on its head. Clothing, organs, plastic guns which can fire standard rounds of ammunition..With a list like this, it was only time before the dream of printing 3D versions of our favourite video game characters, became possible.

The team at Sandboxr want to make this a reality; they are working on a platform which will allow every video game enthusiast to not only order a 3D printed version of your favourite character, but also customise it to their preference. Want your character to have a larger weapon? Just say so. Want it to be posed in a different style? No problem. Want to alter its facial expression? Done. You are able to create your video game character to be the way you want it, which beats purchasing a common figurine, which are manufactured in the hundreds of thousands.

The Sandboxr platform would allow anyone from professional animators to the every-day citizen, to customize their character, order it and get sent a 3D printed version of it – easy as that!

Now this technology is nothing new. Back in 2012 a group of Harvard scientists were working on developing software which would take 3D models and turn them into tangible figurines. The difference today is that you are able to create something completely unique, in a higher resolution, and in multiple colours.

Unfortunately Sandboxr did not reach their goal for funding this Kickstarter project, but with the rapid speed at which the 3D printing industry is going, we suspect it won’t be long until this is an option available to everyone wanting to create a one-of-a-kind video game figure.

This post was contributed by Cartridges Direct.

The PS3 Coffee Table For Hardcore Gamers

by Johan on November 6, 2009

The PS3 Coffee Table For Hardcore Gamers

If you like the NES Controller coffee table that we posted last year, then check out this PS3 coffee table that is designed by Stephane Perruchon. Available in black and white, the PS3 Coffee Table features two huge PS3 controllers for legs and a glass top. These gigantic PS3 controllers are made from a durable ABS plastic. Sadly, it is only a concept. [DVICE]

Amazing New Sony PlayStation 4 Concept

by Johan on September 6, 2009

Amazing New Sony PlayStation 4 Concept

Tai Chiem has creatively designed a futuristic concept of the Sony PlayStation 4. The next generation console will support a touch screen glass panel and an embedded OLED screen. The PS4 controller looks different with all the touch screen glass panel. However, if you happen to drop the controller during one of the violent gaming sessions, you should have to buy a new one. Sadly, it is only a concept, so there is no information about when it would be manufactured or if it would be available ever in the market. Read more

Upcoming Sony PlayStation 4?

by Johan on September 30, 2008

Upcoming Sony PlayStation 4?

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 will feature a faster Cell chip (up to 3.2GHz) and a small size Chip (from a 90 nanometer process down to 45 nanometers) with a higher cores from 8 to 12. The new console will use a low-power DDR3 instead of the very fast but expensive Rambus XDR memory in the PS3. Stay tuned for more updates. [Impress]

Total Gaming Immersion With Virtual Reality Pod

by Stephen on September 12, 2008

Cocoon Virtual Pod

Imagine yourself, walking down a street in Paris in the evening, while enjoying some street music. You snap your finger, and a thin semi-transparent holographic menu pops out from nowhere and hovers in the middle of the air – you now get to choose to save scenery to your hard drive, or bookmark your current location. NAU is currently developing virtual-reality pod. Step inside and you’ll be enveloped by a 360° display screen and full surround sound. Imagine some scene from Minority Report – where you could grab and pull virtual objects with your bare hands. Videogame players will immediately recognize the Cocoon’s gaming potential. The motion-tracking cameras and wrap-around visuals could make for an incredibly realistic gaming experience, where you use your whole body to fight off enemies who approach from all directions. NAU hopes to complete its prototype Cocoon by October 2009, with models commercially available by 2014. [CNN]

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