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Wireless Speed Wheel For Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft will release the Wireless Speed Wheel for the Xbox 360 console. This gaming controller is completely wireless and controlled intuitively with precise steering, standard controller buttons/triggers, and a haptic feedback. The Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel will be released on September 26, 2011 for $59.99 a pop. [Major Nelson]

Microsoft And Tritton Team Up For New Xbox 360 Headsets

Microsoft has collaborated with Tritton to produce a series of co-branded headsets for the Xbox 360. The range consists of two premium wireless headsets, the Warhead 7.1 and Devastator, and an entry-level wired solution, the Detonator. All three headsets utilize stereo 50mm drivers, though only the Warhead 7.1 supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Dolby Headphone decoding for simulated surround sound. The Devastator and Detonator only produce stereo audio. The Warhead 7.1 and Devastator headphones adopt the 5.8GHz wireless technology and come equipped with a specialized wireless base station that uses only two cables connected to the console (USB for power and optical digital/ stereo RCA for audio). Both headsets also support three different listening modes for either gaming, movies, or music. The entry-level Detonator headphones are powered by a wired USB, while the Devastator uses AA battery, and the Warhead 7.1 uses a specialized rechargeable battery pack system. The Tritton Warhead 7.1, Devastator and Detonator Xbox 360 headsets will be available later this year. Read more

Duracell Extender For PlayStation 3 Slim Adds More Memory Card Slots And USB Ports

Here is good news for all Sony PlayStation 3 Slim owners. Duracell has released a new accessory, which adds more memory cards and USB ports for the gaming console. Dubbed as the Duracell Extender, the device attaches to the PS3 Slim via a USB cable. The SD card slot and Sony Memory Stick slot are located on the front. There are also three additional USB ports and a place to store two gaming controllers. The Duracell Extender for the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is priced at around $80. [PSLS]

Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset

by Johan on May 27, 2011

Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset

The Sony PS3 wireless Stereo headset features a 7.1 virtual surround sound, allowing you to hear all the minor in-game audio clues clearly. Designed with comfort in mind for hours of gameplay, the new Sony PS3 wireless Stereo headset connects to your PS3 console using the included USB wireless adapter. You can easily stay informed about battery status, sound controls, etc. with on-screen headset status updates. On top of that, the wireless Stereo headset also offers the highest quality voice chat for crystal clear online conversations. The mic is retractable, so you can put it away if you just want to listen to music or play a single player game. The Sony PS3 wireless Stereo headset will be available in September 2011 for $99.99. [PlayStation Blog]

Ion Go Pad Folding Computer Game Controller

The Go Pad from Ion Audio is a fully-functional gaming pad with great features for the most demanding gamers. This ultra-portable controller is a perfect companion to your netbook or laptop computer. Simply connect Go Pad to your computer’s USB port and you have a two-axis directional-pad, four action buttons, four shoulder buttons and turbo on/off buttons to take full control of your gaming experience. The device is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. Each purchase comes bundled with the Asteroids game for PC from Atari. The Ion Go Pad retails for $19.99 each. [Ion Audio]

Hyperkin Releases 3DS Battery-expanding Attachment

Hyperkin has announced the upcoming launch the 3DS Powerplus designed to provide extra battery life for the Nintendo 3DS handheld video game system. The device has an 1800mHA battery, which will extend the Nintendo 3DS’ battery life. The 3DS Powerplus is a lightweight, sleek 1/4-inch design that slides onto the back of the 3DS, while allowing full access to all of the systems original functions such as the cartridge port, stylus, SD card and all the control buttons. Unfortunately, there is no info on pricing or availability at this moment. [Nintendo Fuse]

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