Super Swing Golf for Nintendo Wii Video Review

by Johan on January 23, 2007

Super Swing Golf for Nintendo Wii Video Review

IGN has a comprehensive review of the Super Swing Golf for the Nintendo Wii. The game is now available in both the US and Japan.

Super Swing Golf may be one of the hardest games to size up on Wii thus far. It’s a mix of less-than-desirable visuals, gameplay that is either love-it or hate-it, and the simple fact that this game is designed for online and isn’t getting it at launch. There’s a ton of replay value if you decide it’s something you’re into, with a sizeable roster of players (each with a ton of different outfits and accessories to purchase as you progress in the game), about a dozen or so different 18 hole courses, and three multiplayer modes (two of which can have up to four players with a single remote).

Watch the review after the jump!


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