Sony PSP-1000CG Gold Released in Japan

by Johan on February 21, 2007

Sony PSP-1000CG Gold Released in Japan

Sony PSP fans will be happy to hear that Sony has just released the Gold PSP in Japan. Priced at $200, the console features a high-quality TFT LCD that displays full color (16.77 million colors) on a 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution screen, and built-in stereo speakers.

This is a Japanese region coded PSP. While it will play all region games (all US, European, Asian games), it will only play back region 2 UMD movies (DOES NOT playback US UMD movies). Operation manual is in Japanese but actual operation can be switched from Japanese to English at the start up screen. We only ship the latest firmwared PSP and we will not be able to find a specific firmwared PSP for our customers.

Via Gizmodo

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