How Smartphones Opened up the World of Online Gaming and Gambling to a new Audience

by Kevin on May 29, 2017


Mobile phones brought about a lot of changes across a varied cross-section of industries with the development of internet connected smartphones.

Whether it was helping to make standalone camera’s obsolete or changing the way we consume online content, mobile phones became the hub of many people’s lives. With smartphones, the ability to make phone calls and send text messages almost became secondary as the possibilities of such powerful mobile devices began to be realised.

One area that smartphones opened up to more people is online casino and video games, with increasing numbers of players taking up casual gaming.

With that in mind, this post takes a closer look at how smartphones opened up the world of online games and gambling to a new audience, find out how below:

Smartphones Have Created Easier Access to Games

As alluded to above, the most powerful influence that smartphones and other mobile devices have on consumer behaviour is their ease of access to online services. If online gaming used to be a preserve of a few hardcore gamers it is not confined to one demographic any longer. With the smartphone came the opportunity for video game developers and publishers and operators to reach a brand new audience of potential users. The capabilities of modern mobile technology has also helped attract new players due to the more realistic and engaging games being made.

Mobile-Optimised Online Gaming and Gambling Sites

With an ever-growing potential user base as smartphone use grew, gaming operators seized the opportunity to reach out to a new generation of players on mobile.  Sites such as are optimised for use on mobiles to give users the best experience possible as they enjoy playing their favourite games. The online gambling industry has long been a leader in adopting new technologies and innovative moves include dedicated apps and mobile-optimised online games and gambling sites.

The Rise of Social Gaming

Another important aspect of how smartphones opened up online gaming and gambling to a whole new audience is through the increasingly social nature of our internet use. Popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have billions of registered users combined and that audience has the potential to drive the growth of anything exponentially. In addition, social features are firmly integrated into mobile sites and applications making sharing and spreading the word much easier. When a player discovers a game they like they can easily share it with their online communities, as well as share progress, achievements and tips with friends.

Social gaming is also important to the growth of the number of internet gamers because of its ability to create online communities around people that share the same interests,- in this case online gaming and gambling fans. While social media has the potential to make popular content go viral and create masses of publicity, its other draw is the ability to commune with like-minded people from all over the world on the internet.

The mobile phone has been important in giving consumers easier access to technologies such as cameras, video recorders, mini computers and much more. In terms of online casino games, it has helped to open up the world of online gambling to a whole new and bigger audience.

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