Rule Of Rose’s UK Release Cancelled

by Johan on November 25, 2006

Rule Of Rose's UK Release Cancelled

Officials from Italian publisher 505 Games has confirmed that they will not be publishing the controversial PlayStation 2 title, Rule of Rose, in the UK due to complaints from various European Union officials. The game has been criticized by the mayor of Rome and Europe’s justice and security commissioner, Franco Frattini, who said the game contained “obscene cruelty and brutality.” Moreover, it had a PEGI rating of 16+, which some called ludicrous.

Laurie Hall, The British Video Standards Council secretary, released a statement about the game:

I have no idea where the suggestion of in-game sadomasochism has come from, nor children being buried underground. These are things that have been completely made up.” Hall also countered Frattini’s statement, by saying, “I wouldn’t call the game violent. We’re not worried about our integrity being called into question, because Mr Frattini’s quotes are nonsense.

Rule of Rose has been rated M for Mature in the States, because of blood, intense violence, suggestive themes, and many believe the game has erotic undertones involving the game’s minor girl cast.

Via Gamasutra and DigitalBattle.

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