Portable Wii With LCD Screen

by Stephen on August 15, 2008

Wii Portable 16:9 LCD Screen

ThinkGeek has come up with a solution for those who had imagined if there were portable Wii. As enjoyable as having the portable Nintendo DS, ThinkGeek has transformed your standard Wii console into a portable gaming powerhouse by picking up this Portable 16:9 LCD Screen. All of the ports on the back of your Wii are cloned (except for AV) so you can simply plug in your Nintendo power cable and keep all of your USB accessories. The high-res screen makes your Wii games look great and they play in full widescreen mode. Stereo speakers are built in to the side of the display so no headphones are required. Simply clips on. No modification to your Wii is needed. Yours for $110. [ThinkGeek]

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