PC Dragon Age Demo

by Stephen on July 17, 2008

This time on E3, we got the chance to see one of the coolest RPG demo from Bioware. The game looks very much like merging of Lord of The Rings and Neverwinter Nights. Like previous titles of RPG from Bioware, the game puts you in moral dilemma, having to opt for one action over another. In the beginning of the game, character’s principle will be put to the test when we will have choose between survival and compassion. Every action will have consequence. Player will be able to pause while choosing action and developing strategy, this will help especially when you are getting ambushed, having to assign proper spell or action towards particular enemy. The graphics is very detailed, you can see the lip sync is now much improved. You will also have very creative process customizing your character. All we can say is, we got very promising RPG coming in Q1 2009. [GAMESPOT]

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