One Shot Waiting For PlayStation 3

by Johan on November 18, 2006

One Shot Waiting For PlayStation 3

Let us forget about the little incident in Kentucky where PS3 campers were shot with BB guns, in Connecticut, two gunmen tried to rob people waiting in line for the PS3, one of them resisted, and got shot. The person is now at the hospital, condition is unknown.

And then, the incident also happened early Friday in front of a Wal-Mart, where a crowd gathered in order to secure a PS3 on launch day, naturally robbers thought they had plenty of cash on them (at least US$500 – US600 for a PS3), and decided to go for their money.

Yesterday, a riot-like incident forced a Wal-Mart in Palmdale California to shut down, where the PS 3 lovers couldn’t wait any longer and stormed the store.

Well, the wait is almost over, because the PS3 launches today… 🙂

Via CBS News and DigitalBattle.

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