MSI Introduces Micro-channel Water Cooling For Its Overclocked VGA

by Stephen on September 3, 2008

MSI N280GTX OC HydroGen and Super OC

MSI has recently unveiled its latest N200 series graphics card with highest clock setting and micro channel water cooling solution. Via the massive contact surface increase brought by micro channel technology, MSI N280GTX OC HydroGen series successfully runs at 10℃ lower temperature level than normal fan cooling GeForce® GTX 200 series even at full workload. This makes a multiple graphics setup in single system possible, even with all the water cooling accessories together. MSI also intruced N280GTX-T2D1G Super OC as the highest clocked GeForce® GTX 200 series in the world. MSI promised 17% higher performance for both Super OC model and HydroGen model compare to standard GTX 200. Price and availability are still TBD. [MSI]

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