MLB 15: The Show To Hit PS4, PS3 And PS Vita On March 31, 2015

by Isaiah on December 7, 2014


Sony Computer Entertainment has finally revealed the release date for their upcoming Major League Baseball video game ‘MLB 15: The Show’. The game is set to hit PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on March 31, 2015. “The 10th edition of the franchise, MLB 15: The Show is a more immersive and exciting baseball experience than ever before with substantial improvements to both gameplay and graphics. New features include: Licensed Equipment (for the first time ever, partnerships from various brands will bring accurate bats, gloves, cleats, and batting gloves to the game), Year-to-Year Saves (users who purchased MLB 14 The Show will be able to continue their Franchise and Road to the Show progress in MLB 15: The Show) and Universal Rewards (simply playing the game earns Stubs that can be spent on licensed Equipment, Road to The Show improvements, and virtual baseball cards).” As for now, let’s check out this new MLB 15: The Show trailer after the break.


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