Mad Catz Rock Band Instruments Released

by Johan on June 19, 2008

Mad Catz Rock Band Instruments Released

Mad Catz’s Rock Band instruments will be launched next week. The instruments consists of:

  • Wired bass guitar — Officially licensed Fender Precision bass replica with ‘split strum bar’ that allows for simultaneous up and down strumming. (June 22 – $69.99)
  • Wired guitar — Officially licensed Fender Telecaster guitar replica with programmable strum bar, ‘quick response’ fret buttons (release date unknown — $79.99)
  • Wired microphone — Integrated d-pad and face buttons, lock/unlock button, ‘high profile’ pop stopper (supposedly out now, though not in stores yet — $59.99)
  • Portable drum kit — Small, portable drum kit with quiet pads and foam tipped drumsticks. Custom drum pad covers available. It’s not clear if this set is actually freestanding or it has to be set on top of something (July 15 – $49.99)
  • Premium wired drums — Full drum set designed after real electric drum sets. Features high hat (with foot pedal), crash cymbal and ‘fully adjustable’ drum heads with ‘two axis motion’ and the ability to reposition each drum head (August 1 – $149.99)

A wireless version of the bass is expected in September. [Xbox360FanBoy]

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