Ma, I Want To Be A Mayor One Day

by Stephen on August 19, 2008

City Life XL MMO

The latest installment of City Life series has been under development for awhile, and this time the PC standalone game is migrating into the realm of MMOs. The rules hasn’t been changed much: Plop down a few industrial, commercial and residential zones, sit around (or hit the fast-forward button) till they matriculate, collect taxes to buy a few roads, and zone more areas until you have the funds to keep the expansion process going. Eventually you’ll establish a brimming metropolis, and maybe toss in a disaster or two to see how well your city-planning skills hold. Cities XL hopes to perfect the boring city-builder genre, pushing the art of micromanagement to extremes. So kids, if you want to become a mayor, a governor, or a president some day. You may want to test your skills here first. TBA 2009. [Wired]

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