Legendary Monsters on XBOX360

by Stephen on August 3, 2008


Legendary is a first-person shooter in which you’ll assume the role of a thief who, accidentally opens Pandora’s Box inside a New York museum and unleashes all kinds of mythological monsters. When they’re not busy tearing your colleagues to shreds, Legendary’s werewolves like to run around and scale walls, which can make them tough targets to keep in your sights. Werewolves are not really dead until you separate the head from the body, so decapitation is mandatory. Our arsenal includes the basics like submachine gun, shotgun, and an assault rifle, and some advance weapons that you just have to see for yourself (no spoiler here). Not to worry for shortage of ammo, we got plenty to pick up as we move along. Expect to see minotaur, and hugely rendered Griffin. Legendary is landing at September 30th on retail. [TeamXBOX]

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