Latest Monster Trailer For Evolve Hits The Web

by Jeremiah on January 10, 2015

Monster Evolve

In a move that is bound to whet the appetite of multiplayer shooter fans across the globe; Turtle Rock Studios have released yet another trailer for their upcoming monster title ‘Evolve’. In the latest promo clip, we witness the third and final monster revealed named Wraith, part of the cornerstone of the interesting premise of four hunters vs. one monster in ‘Evolve’.

With an initial publication date of February 10th 2015, PC gamers already have a lot to look forward to with the impending release of exciting titles such as mass serial-killer shooter ‘Hatred’ or survival in a zombie infestation with ‘Dying Light’. Designed as a multiplayer experience in mind, ‘Evolve’ is additionally available in a single-player mode, whereby AI will take over the remaining combatants.

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The action of ‘Evolve’ takes place on the planet Shear, in which you can choose to play as one of the human hunter classes (Assault, Trapper, Medic or Support); or in a role-reversal, as the lethal monster itself. With the option of the aforementioned Wraith, monster fans can additionally select the electricity crazed Kraken or the fire-breathing Goliath, all with their own vast, unique and deadly abilities.

Similarly to Turtle Rock’s massively praised ‘Left 4 Dead’ series, ‘Evolve’ is essentially made to team up and survive with your fellow hunters – or die trying. The capabilities of Wraith especially, require the utmost cooperation and planning from the human hunters, as its warp, decoy and abduction powers are bound to test even the more veteran gamers.

Turtle Rock Studio’s co-founder Chris Ashton recently spoke to the official website of ‘Evolve’, to shed some more light on the latest and possibly greatest of the game’s monsters.

“She’s (Wraith) the most fragile Monster, but […] her abilities make up for how fragile she is,” said Ashton. “If you combine them and use them creatively you can do some amazing things.

“The fact that Wraith can warp around, almost teleporting from place to place, makes Wraith unique. She levitates and can become completely invisible while spawning a clone of herself that isn’t real but can still hurt the Hunters. Wraith is the most advanced Monster that the Hunters have ever faced.”

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