Experience 3D Vision Shooting With jDome

by Stephen on August 21, 2008

jDome Spherical Screen for FPS

A new prototype screen being introduced at the Leipzig Games Convention. It lets you experience first person shooter gamers play FPS games like you never before. The device is called jDome, it provides peripheral vision outside the very center of gamers gaze that gives the illusion of 3D. jDome achieves this illusion by using a spherical-shaped screen to display the games with “additional details” on the outer ring of the sphere, so instead of looking through a rectangle on normal LCD / Monitor, the gamers will see through a sphere with “hazed” extra vision, just like human visions normally would. Most testers were amused by the depth of immersion jDome provided. No details on price and availability so far, but we will keep you posted. Video after the break. [jDome]

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