Enjoy the splendour of the 2014 World Cup on your console

by Jeremiah on June 22, 2014


As the 2014 World Cup in Brazil gets underway, billions of football fans across the world will be glued to their nearest television set to cheer their nation onto potential glory. Playing at the World Cup is the pinnacle of any footballer’s career, with fans also able to immerse themselves in the euphoria of seeing their national heroes wear the national shirt with pride.

Brazil 2014 has already provided some wonderful football, with every game featuring attacking play and a considerable number of goals that belies any previous concern over the heart and humidity levels. Although the feverous atmosphere created within every stadium and high quality football has every passionate fan on the edge of their seat, the same feeling can be experienced when playing the official World Cup game on your console. Gaming enthusiasts can take to the pitch before or during the hour break in between of each 2014 World Cup fixture to emulate what they see on television, or go one better and lead their nation to lifting the famous trophy.


Each of the twelve official stadiums have been beautifully replicated on the FIFA 2014 World Cup game to recreate the carnival atmosphere and vibrant colours that will be prominent throughout Brazil. From the famous Maracana to the Pernambuco, every stadium contains intricate design features which make them unique from one another, with the crowds also creating an electric atmosphere that can make the hairs stand up and put a lump in your throat throughout every game. The attention to detail makes for a wonderful game that effectively recaptures the real-life atmosphere that will be prominent throughout the World Cup that can spur you on to glory.


Although loyal FIFA gaming fans may feel a bit disappointed that there are no major changes in the gameplay physics and engine that were used to produce the hugely successful FIFA 14 title, the special World Cup version does not disappoint. The game allows you to play through a number of game modes that are both fascinating and dramatic as they take you through the drama of playing in a World Cup tournament, or the whole experience of playing through a qualifying campaign en route to going all the way to the World Cup final as any of the nations who make up each respective sector, whether it is UEFA or CONCACAF.

FIFA 2014 World Cup also provides the classic ‘Captain Your Country’ mode in which you can create your own pro and make a name for yourself wearing the national jersey in the hope of wearing the armband and lifting the famous trophy aloft in Brazil. There are nice subtle introductions which make the game unique and provide an extra edge, with cut shots of managers gesturing and celebrating on the touchline, in addition to fans in the stadium and in a pub, showing the raw emotions that everyone goes through during a World Cup tournament which can be a rollercoaster experience of highs and lows.

Teams and players

Taking control of your favourite nation is made possible through official licensing that allows EA to perfectly recreate the official kits for each of the thirty-two participating teams to further reduce the gap between reality and the virtual world. Many of the best players in world football have also had their real faces digitally re-mastered on the game to provide players with the ability to have the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney under their control. Their physical attributes, abilities and unique techniques are prominent throughout the game which provides enough realism to make every game feel like watching a real life fixture on television.

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