Enchanted Arms Coming To Sony PlayStation 3

by Johan on December 6, 2006

Enchanted Arms Coming To Sony PlayStation 3

From Software, the developer of Enchanted Arms, will release the game for the PlayStation 3. They are promising some improvements including graphics, story, characters, and gameplay.

Textures are being beefed up to narrow the gap between the movie scenes and the in-game graphics, providing a more seamless experience. The story is also receiving several new episodes, and a large number of conversational scenes will be changed into full demo scenes. Multiple character poses are being added for existing conversations and new modeling data is being created to add further drama to the characters’ performances. On the gameplay side, a large number of new golems will be added, and the battle system is being improved with some tweaks here and there. The theme music for the opening and ending movies is being recreated, this time by an artist called “mink”, and background music within the game is also being rewritten.

The PlayStation 3 release of Enchanted Arms is scheduled for release in Japan on January 25, 2007 at around US$70.

Via 1UP.

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