The Difference of VR and AR in video games

by Kevin on February 19, 2017

It is useful for people to be able to understand the difference of VR and AR in video games. Augmented reality is something that really already exists in a fairly sophisticated form today. Really high-quality virtual reality is still not going to be ready for a little while, although there are prototypes that are available today. AR is still something that people are going to be able to try in a finished form today, and that makes a big difference. While there are some products that are marketed as virtual reality, the sort of virtual reality that a lot of developers are talking about is still going to be different.

Augmented reality involves projecting something onto the reality that people are visualizing anyway. They are going to have to look through a screen in order to see this projection. Today, this involves looking through a smartphone screen, which enables a person to see his or her surroundings with something digital imposed on them. Pokemon Go is one of the most popular of the AR games today. People just need to look through their smartphone screens when they are playing Pokemon Go. From there, they are going to be able to see Pokemon characters who are seemingly interacting with the rest of their surroundings.

These characters are going to look as if they are part of the actual environment, as if a holographic projector is acting up and introduced these characters into the environment. However, people are only going to be able to experience this effect by looking through their smartphone screens. This is going to have an effect on how they are going to be able to experience the different new graphics of augmented reality.

Virtual reality is entirely different. People put on their virtual reality headsets and they seem to block out the entire world as a result. They are going to feel as if the virtual world that they are able to see through the headset is the only world. These are the graphics that they are going to use in order to inform reality at this stage, and it is going to make all the difference in terms of how people perceive anything.

There are virtual reality headsets today, but they have not made as much of a splash as augmented reality. However, this is going to change soon enough. Developers are working on all sorts of new prototypes that will allow people to get the virtual reality experiences that they have always wanted ever since they read the popular science fiction stories that portrayed this sort of thing as normal.

It is going to be easier and easier for people to find the right casino gameplay review app. Slots2Slots Online Casino games are going to be available in all sorts of different formats before long, really allowing people to take advantage of all of this new technology for themselves. VR and AR provide subtly different experiences, but they are both very impressive technologically one way or another.

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