City Of Heroes Gets Free-to-Play Option

by Johan on June 21, 2011

City Of Heroes Gets Free-to-Play Option

NCSoft and have announced that City of Heroes will soon provide a new way for players to experience the game. The City of Heroes Freedom is set to release around the same time as the Issue 21: Convergence update, and players will have the choice of three different play experiences such as Free, Premium, or VIP. Free players will have access to 8 of the game’s archetypes, 45 game zones, 105 power sets and two character slots that can be leveled up to 50. Premium is for current players, or returning players, who want to play for free. Premium players will retain nearly everything that they have already purchased or unlocked, including Super Boosters, expansions, directly purchased character slots, and Veteran Rewards. VIP players will have access to 12 character slots per server and 400 monthly Paragon Points that can be used to purchase new costumes, items and power sets. [Gamerant]

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