Carnage & Mayhem Shooting in XBOX Fracture

by Stephen on August 3, 2008


Set in the year 2161 in America. There are two factions that have different approaches to deal with the worsening climate, and they rather fight with each other for being right. One faction, the west Pacificans resort to genetic engineering, The East Atlantic Alliance thinks they are messing with Mother Nature, and instead they’ve been injecting themselves with cybernetic implants. Whose ideology will win out? That’s up to you to decide. Fracture is a shooter game with a twist, you get certain control to manipulate your environment with some weapons in the game. You get to shift and shape the terrain, but mostly, you’re gonna be running around, throwing grenades, dodging rains of bullets, and blasting off hordes of enemies with all kinds of machine guns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. But though the controls were instantly familiar, Fracture is still gonna be very challenging thanks to fast and unique enemies. Confirmed for release in October. [1UP]

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