Best TVs for Xbox One and PS4 gaming

by Jeremiah on June 17, 2014


There is only one thing that can truly compliment one of the several next-gen gaming consoles that have been released; an equally stellar television system to play it on. In fact, the good quality TV is arguably the most important of the lot, because without it you would be left with an elite console that is played out on a sub-par projection system, that simply doesn’t do the game’s graphics justice.

It is however, harder than it seems to find the perfect TV for your needs, with variables such as image lag and the recent introduction of 4K televisions to consider. It is advisable to take into account mid to long term technical malfunctions and buy a warranty. You should look into finding the best extended warranty for LCD TVs, plasma TVs and the aforementioned 4Ks carefully. Reliability should always be an important factor when choosing a new TV but if you’re spending the money then it’s worth making sure your product is protected in the long run with a reliable warranty scheme.

A good place to start when searching would be the Vizio E-Series TV. Whilst there are a range of televisions in this series of Vizios, they all offer value for money and do give customers the choice of HDTV programming, which is integral to a unique gaming experience. Picture quality is of the highest range, making it a better option so similar and cheaper models and with a size range of 39” to 55”, you will surely find a TV that is big enough to project all your gaming action. It does, however, lack the ability to swivel, despite coming on a stand, so you will have to ensure you have an easily acceptable slot to place the TV should you choose to purchase it, given that once it is in place there is no chance of angling it to face you.

If you have a strong a budget, you should look no further than a Sharp Series 6 TV. Despite having a price of £1500, the TV is one of the better distributors of picture quality and can offer customer’s optimal performance for their gaming needs. The speakers do however; face the back of the TV, thus offering less sound quality, but the low standing TV makes up for it with its impressive size range of around 60” to 70” TVs.

Next on the list is the Panasonic GT60. This TV is just shy of being Panasonic’s best TV range and offers customers a size range of 42” to 65”, making it easy to include in an already tightly-spaced room, or one that is waiting to be filled with new additions. There is no motion blur, the contrast is top quality and the price of this range is fairly reasonable, with a price of around £1000. Despite the high cost, the television offers lots of value due to its unparalleled picture quality and also due to the fact it is a plasma TV variant.

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