The Beauty, Value and Joy of Volunteering

by Kevin on March 13, 2016


Volunteering for a non-profit organisation kills a number of birds with one stone, apart from giving back to the community, it boosts your resume with work experience if you have none and increases your work experience if you are between jobs or need extra work while you are employed. No matter what field you are in, your skills come in handy for an organisation in need of extra hands. For an example, nursing jobs often require the services of a qualified medical practitioner and you can offer your services to homes, clinics and hospital.

Volunteering fuels a passion for your career, especially if your current job is not ideal situation so this can offer an opportunity to do what you love while serving humanity. There is much to be gained from volunteering and you can gain new skills from the process of offering your time to a charity, you get to know new people and understand more about different working environments and this experience is more than valid to add to your resume. In addition, if an NGO finally has a paying opportunity, you could be first in line for a new job depending on how long you have been volunteering your services. You can also establish new networks and relationships that may lead you to your next job.

If you’re looking to connect with people who care about the same things you care about, this can also be ideal and you can create valuable personal relationship outside of your working environment. We always need to be exposed to innovative ways of doing things, and different organisations have different ways of working that could introduce you to an efficient way of completing tasks. These innovations could come in handy in your paying job, how you do things at home and how you interact with people. Working within a team is often a requirement when applying to a new job; you may have an opportunity to even lead a team, present new ideas to management and boost your enthusiasm in working with other people.

As many former volunteers have put it, you may not be getting paid in cash for your time but the experience carries a lot of priceless value.

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