Battlefield 4 Commander Mode Raises the Bar

by Jeremiah on November 21, 2013


Just when you thought that first person shooters couldn’t get any more magnificent, DICE’s Battlefield 4 swoops in with their newest rendition of the Commander Mode to prove us all wrong. With its focus shifted in the direction of intelligent warfare, the Commander Mode has definitely taken gaming to a whole new level. Making use of mobile devices, such as tablet computers, the Commander becomes the only player with a unique bird’s eye view of the entire battlefield. With this power at his disposal, the Commander plays an important role in edging his team towards victory. Armed with a large range of different assets, which are directly connected to your team’s performance on the ground, the Commander’s role can be broken down into three main levels, Intel Gathering, Supply and All-Out Offense. But first, are you ready for this responsibility?

Unfortunately, there will always be some gamble when it comes to the competence of your Commander, much like the same gamble you take joining anyone online, although luckily this isn’t Jack Gold no.1 mobile casino, where any random can wander in and take over as Commander. Before the influential seat is even opened to players, they need to first prove themselves worthy by reaching Rank 10 in Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer. After this has been achieved, players in the field still have a chance to vote for a mutiny. Once the Commander reaches the mutiny threshold, a countdown of two minutes will begin. Within this time the Commander can view the squad leader who voted against him, as well as use the time to show that they are still worthy. Squad leaders can change their vote at any point, if they feel that the Commander has pulled his weight.

What are you waiting for Commander? Your team needs you!

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