Anno 1404 Review

by Stephen on August 23, 2008

Anno 1404 RTS

Anno 1404 takes the long-running strategy series to the Far East. As with previous installments in the series, gamers will be tasked with establishing a civilization and then solidifying its position in history. The game will feature an improvement in the game’s graphics engine that is shown in intricate building details. In the beginning of your journey, you’ll start off with a ship and a few resources at your disposal. Once you land, you begin to build marketplace, allowing us to attract new inhabitants. We were also able to add churches and farms to attract more citizens. As your civilization grows, so will the demands and needs of your people, hence you get to grow more sophisticated building, farms and plantations, and also interact with other culture. For those who hate history and geography classes, after you play this game, you’ll gain an entirely new perspective. [GameSpot]

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