5 Things you Don’t Know about Slot Machines

by Kevin on November 5, 2015

Slot machines are fascinating and hugely popular all over the world. Las Vegas casinos are filled with these “one-armed bandits”, but you can find them at pubs, gas stations, betting shops and several other locations as well. Slot machines are the preferred games of many players around the world, as they provide quick wins and quick sense of achievement. But here are five more things you might want to know about them.

1. Who invented slot machines?

The inventor of the slots was a mechanic called Charles Fey in the late 1800s. Born in Germany, he moved to the country of endless possibilities at the age of 23. After traveling all over the US, he finally settled in San Francisco, where he built the machine that would change the casino industry forever.

2. Why are they called “one-armed bandits”?

Mechanical slot machines were operated by pulling a lever – this, and the fact that sometimes they take people’s money, has given them the name we still use today.

3. How many slot machines are there?

Countless. The Royal Vegas Casino alone has over 400 of them, with new titles added each month. And the Royal Vegas is just one of the many online casinos. Add the land based ones – there are hundreds of these in the world – and you will see that the possible number of slot machines is stellar.

4. What types of slot machines are there?

There are two different type of slots – three reel slots and five reel slots. The Royal Vegas has several of both of them, so if you head over there you can try both types. Based on their symbols and their features, people differentiate them even more – but the basic types are the same.

5. Where should I play slot machines?

The first choice would be always to play them online. The Royal Vegas allows its players to try the games free of charge before committing any real cash to them. For obvious reasons you can’t do the same with land based games, that only work with coins and credits.

6. What are “fruit machines”?

Fruit machines are basically slot machines with the classic fruit symbols – plums, cherries, melons and lemons – on their reels. The name “fruit machine” is used more in the UK.

7. Are there any other names for the slot machine?

There are. What in the US is called a slot machine is referred to as fruit machine in the UK, “puggy” in Scotland, a “poker machine” or “pokies” in Australia. Besides, the old name of “one armed bandit” is still used by some.

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