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Top 5 Social Slot Machine Games

by Kevin on July 12, 2016

Social casinos first started as a fresh idea to provide social network users a chance to feel the thrills of hitting the casino without actually worrying about burning through their savings or renting a room at their favorite hotel. But within only a couple of years of their existence, the casinos have become one of the primary sources for online entrainment with both phone and desktop platforms. Read more

Most Popular iPhone Casinos by Country

by Kevin on July 12, 2016

Most mobile players have two options when they want a quality casino experience. They can either choose to download one of the many slots or free roulette game apps and kill time with them, or they can go for the real deal and play real money casino games where they can learn and earn. Read more

One of the biggest fears for every online casino player when it comes to moving from their trusted desktop or laptop to their android device is being robbed or scammed out of their money by websites they don’t really know much about, or simply choose to not trust. And that fear is quite understandable. After all, we live in an age where the technology we use is full of information that can make our lives a living nightmare, if we are not careful enough how and where we use it. Read more

Who doesn’t love a good, calm – or not so calm – game of Bingo? After all, it’s a true classic that the whole family can enjoy. Technology has given many things; but in terms of fun, you can’t beat bingo on Android. Platforms such as mad about bingo have exploded into the market place in the past few years even without utilizing the power of an app and just  yet. However, keeping with the times and the ever growing need to have access on the go here are five of the best bingo apps we think are currently. Read more


Twitch, despite being a relatively new platform, has at the forefront of live broadcasting ever since it was launched in 2011. What started out as a site where you could watch and re-watch people play videogames is now also the home of eSports and tournaments such as the World Series of Poker, watching celebrities try their hand at card tricks between interviews and games. The question is, how exactly did Twitch make the leap from console gaming to online gambling? Read more


If уоur leisure activity involves playing а rоund оf slots, wining аt thе roulette tables оr јuѕt enjoying thе sweet sound оf reels rolling, уоu mау bе familiar wіth thе fact thаt thе industry hаѕ vеrу muсh changed іn thе lаѕt fеw years. That’s rіght – wе аrе moving mоrе аnd mоrе аwау frоm оur comfy chairs аnd large desktop monitors аnd tоwаrdѕ thоѕе pesky lіttlе smartphone аnd tablet screens, devices thаt wе carry wіth uѕ аll thе time аnd whісh lеt uѕ browse, play, аnd watch pretty muсh everything. Read more

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