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November 2013

Putty Squad PS4 Launch Trailer

by Isaiah on November 28, 2013


Here we have the PS4 launch trailer for the upcoming Putty Squad title. As a remake of the classic Amiga game, this adventure video game will feature completely overhauled graphics, new gameplay and free DLC. The Putty Squad will hit PS4 on November 29th. Watch the trailer after the break. Read more

Angry Birds for Android Gets Updated

by Isaiah on November 26, 2013


Rovio’s original Angry Birds game for Android has just been updated. It comes with 30 new levels ‘of explosive fun’, three new piggy potions that players can experiment and a new shock wave power bomb (it creates a powerful circle of electricity that unleashes huge blasts). The Angry Birds for Android 3.4.0 is available now as a free download. [Softpedia]

Mario Party: Island Tour Launch Trailer

by Isaiah on November 24, 2013


Check out the launch trailer for the newly released Mario Party: Island Tour title. This party video game is now available on Nintendo 3DS. Just a bit of info, the Mario Party: Island Tour is the thirteenth game in the Mario Party series and the third game for a handheld console. Watch the trailer after the break. Read more

Ouya moves forward despite dissapointing launch

by Jeremiah on November 21, 2013


Amidst the release of Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen home consoles, little mainstream attention was given to the Ouya. The Android-fuelled console finally hit the shelves recently after months of fundraising via Kickstarter.

However, this understated piece of hardware faced some harsh criticism upon its launch. Firstly, the Ouya came under fire for its lack of original game titles. With very few exclusive games to its name, the Ouya’s library has left gamers disappointed. Many games announced for the console, such as The Walking Dead, are already available on other platforms, such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Additionally, despite the fact that the device is Android-powered, users are unable to access stock Android games without resorting to hacking.

Other complaints included the poorly constructed controller that comes with the console upon purchase. The design has received some praise, thanks to its attractive style and analog sticks, but its precision is lacking. Although probably a move by the Ouya team to keep costs down, the fact that the controller is battery-powered and not rechargeable is another issue that reviewers have voiced.
The Ouya is a decently powered device, featuring a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM and 8GB of on-board flash storage. It also has an attractive price tag, retailing at just $99. But it’s limited capabilities has left many asking whether there was any need for an Android console in the first place.

With mobile gaming continuing to boom, offering players access to casual and in-depth apps, as well as online sites such as Royal Vegas Casino, creator and CEO Julie Uhrman identified a potential gap in the home console market. But many smartphones and tablets deliver impressive graphical fidelity and processing speeds, and some high-end models are even able to connect to TVs via a mini-HDMI or other A/V port. Many Android players will already own a smartphone or tablet, making the need to shell out for this new home console seem redundant.

Urhman has addressed some of these issues already, taking to the stage at the XOXO festival in Portland to say: “We’ve done a lot of things wrong, and make a lot of mistakes. But I think one thing that’s unique about us is that we’re gonna continue to make them.

“We’re young, we’re scrappy, we’re moving fast. We’re building this product out in the open with you. We got our start with you, we get better every day because we listen to you, and some things are going to resonate and some things aren’t.”

The Ouya creator has also announced that the console will receive a comprehensive user interface redesign later this month. This updated interface will make it easier for users to discover and access new games.

Along with a greater focus on game cover art displays, the Ouya update will also introduce support for USB storage devices. Users will be able to download and queue games from the online platform and will receive custom recommendations, which will be delivered through a modified system menu.

Ouya has yet to confirm an official date for the console update.


Here’s the latest trailer from Battlefield 4’s upcoming DLC pack ‘Second Assault’. In case you didn’t know, this add-on content will include four maps from Battlefield 3 including Caspian Border, Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman and Operation Firestorm. The Second Assault DLC will be available on December 3rd. Watch the trailer after the break. Read more

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode Raises the Bar

by Jeremiah on November 21, 2013


Just when you thought that first person shooters couldn’t get any more magnificent, DICE’s Battlefield 4 swoops in with their newest rendition of the Commander Mode to prove us all wrong. With its focus shifted in the direction of intelligent warfare, the Commander Mode has definitely taken gaming to a whole new level. Making use of mobile devices, such as tablet computers, the Commander becomes the only player with a unique bird’s eye view of the entire battlefield. With this power at his disposal, the Commander plays an important role in edging his team towards victory. Armed with a large range of different assets, which are directly connected to your team’s performance on the ground, the Commander’s role can be broken down into three main levels, Intel Gathering, Supply and All-Out Offense. But first, are you ready for this responsibility?

Unfortunately, there will always be some gamble when it comes to the competence of your Commander, much like the same gamble you take joining anyone online, although luckily this isn’t Jack Gold no.1 mobile casino, where any random can wander in and take over as Commander. Before the influential seat is even opened to players, they need to first prove themselves worthy by reaching Rank 10 in Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer. After this has been achieved, players in the field still have a chance to vote for a mutiny. Once the Commander reaches the mutiny threshold, a countdown of two minutes will begin. Within this time the Commander can view the squad leader who voted against him, as well as use the time to show that they are still worthy. Squad leaders can change their vote at any point, if they feel that the Commander has pulled his weight.

What are you waiting for Commander? Your team needs you!

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