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December 2010

Dead Space 2 Demo Now Available On Xbox Live

by Johan on December 22, 2010

Visceral Games has announced that the Dead Space 2 demo is now available for download through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Sadly, PC gamers are left with no demo. As a reminder, Dead Space 2 will be launched on January 25th, 2011 on the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. [DigitalBattle]

Dead Rising 2: Case West – Frank Trailer

by Isaiah on December 22, 2010

Here we have a new trailer ‘Frank’ from the upcoming Dead Rising 2: Case West title. This Xbox 360-exclusive DLC pack will become available on December 27th. Check out the trailer after the jump. Read more

Gran Turismo 5 Receives Huge-sized Update

by Johan on December 21, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 has recently received a huge-sized update of 600MB that makes the game more realistic and adds the GT academy feature. Other features include seasonal events, a new “hot car dealer,” custom background music, streamlined license test menus and mechanical damage in the game’s practice mode. A new specialized dealership called the Hot Car Dealer has also been added to the main GT Life screen, making it much easier to find popular and rare used cars compared to the standard Used Car Dealer. [Kotaku]

Fallout: New Vegas’ newest DLC pack ‘Dead Money‘ has finally landed on Xbox Live. This add-on content is available for download starting today for 800 Microsoft points. Download yours now! [Planet Xbox 360]

Bulletstorm ‘Epic Edition’ Box Art Revealed

by Isaiah on December 20, 2010

Electronic Arts has finally revealed the box art for their upcoming Bulletstorm ‘Epic Edition’ title. For your info, the ‘Epic Edition’ is “an Xbox 360 exclusive and will contain early access to the Gears of War 3 beta.” The game itself will be out on February 22nd. [Hooked Gamers]

Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 Racing Wheel

by Johan on December 20, 2010

If you are searching for a good force-feedback steering wheel to enjoy racing games such as Gran Turismo 5, then check out the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 officially-licensed wireless steering wheel. This gaming controller features fourteen hidden buttons, a 900-degree steering angle and the same Alacantra leather that you’ll find on the real sports car. Priced at $249.95, the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 racing wheel is compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Windows-powered PC via a USB cable. [Fanatec]

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