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August 2008

Plantronics Gamecom 777 Headset

Plantronics has begun shipping its latest Gamecom 777 headset this month. This open-eared headset is featuring Dolby® Headphone technology that gives you an unparalleled audio advantage. Its Noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise and ensures crystal clear audio quality. 777 is also designed with microphone you can hide at ease. Apparently many people have been complaining their headsets’ microphones are giving them hard time to eat and drink while playing games. The headset will also work with Skype, Windows Live, and Yahoo Messenger for VoIP calling. The Gamecom 777 set will hit store in September for $99. [Plantronet]

PS3 Wireless Keypad With Mouse Input

by Isaiah on August 21, 2008


At its Leipzig Games Convention press conference yesterday, Sony introduced its new wireless keypad for their PS3 controller. To use it, just attach it to the top of your Playstation 3 controller. The pad features a “touchpad mode” for mouse input, and can be paired with phones and other gadgets via Bluetooth. No word on pricing yet, but the device will be released in 8 different languages this coming November. [Engadget]

Logitech Speed Force Wireless Gaming Wheel

Earlier today, Logitech has announced the Logitech® Speed Force Wireless™ racing wheel as the first force feedback wheel for the popular gaming platform. Licensed by Nintendo, Logitech’s newest force feedback wheel works with Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed™ Undercover and paves the way for more force feedback racing titles on the Wii console. The wheel features a one-piece design that is convenient to use whether you’re sitting on your couch, arm chair or living room floor. You won’t need a table or desk, since the built-in gas and brake controls are located on the wheel itself and they can be easily adjusted. The wheel uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology to allow to gaming up to 30 feet away from the actual Wii console. Its perfect for race crazed gamers out there. The Logitech Speed Force Wireless racing wheel is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in November for a suggested retail price of $99.99 (U.S.). [Logitech]

Experience 3D Vision Shooting With jDome

by Stephen on August 21, 2008

jDome Spherical Screen for FPS

A new prototype screen being introduced at the Leipzig Games Convention. It lets you experience first person shooter gamers play FPS games like you never before. The device is called jDome, it provides peripheral vision outside the very center of gamers gaze that gives the illusion of 3D. jDome achieves this illusion by using a spherical-shaped screen to display the games with “additional details” on the outer ring of the sphere, so instead of looking through a rectangle on normal LCD / Monitor, the gamers will see through a sphere with “hazed” extra vision, just like human visions normally would. Most testers were amused by the depth of immersion jDome provided. No details on price and availability so far, but we will keep you posted. Video after the break. [jDome] Read more

Watch YouTube on PS3

by Stephen on August 20, 2008

PlayOn Service For PS3 / XBOX 360

PlayOn enables consumers who own a PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, or HP MediaSmart TV to watch Internet video from sites including Hulu, CBS, YouTube, ESPN and more on their television. Currently available to public as beta, although after 2 months you’re gonna have to start subscribing for $30. MediaMall also promised they will extend their service for Netflix streaming and Nintendo Wii.  [MediaMall]

Razer Military Grade Audio For Games

by Stephen on August 20, 2008

Razer Maelstrom Audio Engine

Razer(TM), the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals, has unveiled the Razer Maelstrom Audio Engine(TM) at Games Convention. The Razer Maelstrom is a highly upgraded virtual surround sound system found in the Razer Megalodon™, Razer’s latest 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. It uses military grade audio technology that was originally developed for fighter pilots to let them hear cockpit warnings. The new headset will launched late August, and cost around 139.99 Euro. [RazerZone]

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