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July 2008

Casino in a Palm: Cantor eDeck

by Stephen on July 31, 2008

Cantor Edeck Gaming

Cantor eDeck is a portable gaming device. It probably looks like some version of PSP, but in fact, it is wireless gamepad offering live Casino games. Some of the games offered are namely roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and other popular casino games, plus a few variations courtesy of Cantor. It is still in beta, but expect it to be released by late 2008. Poker, anyone? [Cantor]

PS3 Siren: Blood Curse

by Stephen on July 29, 2008


Siren is a big-budget survival horror game from Sony. Apparently it is also subject to Sony’s experiment for episodic content, available for downloads on PS3 direct download store. You can download 12 episodes and install them on your PS3. I’d rather have the blu-ray on my local store, though. Rather than follow one character through the weird town of Hanuda, you take the role of a several different people who all find themselves trapped in a different locations, like houses and a hospital. Whoever created this game did a hell of a good job coming up with weird twisted designs of the dead. Expect to be spooked. The game is already in the shelf for a week now. [GameRanking]

Creative Fatal1ty USB Gaming Headset

by Johan on July 28, 2008

Creative Fatal1ty USB Gaming Headset

The new Creative Fatal1ty USB gaming headset allows you to stay playing game for hours. The headphones provide a detachable microphone for you to chat with your team mates to defeat the enemies. The Creative Fatal1ty features X-Fi technology, inline volume control and noise-canceling technology. It is priced at around $80 a pop. [EverythingUSB]

Crysis Warhead Preview

by Stephen on July 28, 2008


Crisis warhead will focus on Sergeant Sykes (a.k.a Psycho) from last year’s crisis – troubled journey on the other side of Crysis island, while Nomad was doing some experiment on Alien spaceships. The FPS game will feature 7 levels compare to 11 levels from its predecessor. Majority of the settings take place in subzero environment, with some lush tropical jungles. The nanosuit invisibility cloak lets you sneak and execute few enemies with precision. The game has very detailed graphics, and so far Far Cry 2 has been the only one come close to the same standard. To be released in November 2008 on PC. [TotalVideoGames]

Naruto The Broken Bond

by Johan on July 28, 2008

Naruto The Broken Bond

Naruto The Broken Bond will be available for the Microsoft Xbox 360. The video game features 25 playable characters, a new team system, voice acting and music from the original Naruto anime. Watch the game trailer after the jump. [IGN] Read more

Rise of The Argonauts Review

by Stephen on July 28, 2008


Rise of the Argonauts is an action RPG on epic scale sets in ancient Greece. It will be very action oriented hack and slash game with weapons and armors that will get upgrades along Jason’s journey. The game will also allow you to tag team with other heroes like Hercules, and perform special combo together. Expect brutal fights with mangled bodies all over. To be released this fall on multiple platforms. [GamerShell] Read more

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